A Nose In The Air: The Influence of Climate & Nose Morphology

British anthropologist Arthur Thomson, in the late 1800's published his observations on nose size and shape. He noted that humans from humid, warm climates have wider, shorter noses than humans from colder, dryer climates who have more narrow, longer noses. He carried on his observation postulating that the shape of the nose was influenced by the... Continue Reading →

Neandertal Broad Noses Due To Lower Face Prognathism

Bergmann's rule is an observation that body mass of endotherms increases with altitude and colder climate. Neandertals fit this rule, their barrel chests and wide hips, indicate they had large bodies, and thus smaller surface area relative to their body mass. This feature made them comparatively inefficient at radiating their body heat off into the... Continue Reading →

Reconstructing Neandertal Vocalizations

While we're on the subject of Neandertal language capabilities, I want to share with you news from last week's annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. I wasn't there, I know a couple people who went but they didn't tell me about Robert McCarthy's research. Robert has used new reconstructions of Neanderthal vocal... Continue Reading →

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