What’s Wrong With Anthropology?

In December, I linked up Ann Gibbons' article in Science about anthropology's poor reception in the scientific community. I forgot to mention that months before that, in August, Kiplinger named anthropology "the worst major for your career." Two months later, Forbes followed suite and ranked "anthropology and archaeology," as the No. 1 on its list of "worst... Continue Reading →

Applying to Grad School in Anthropology- Where will we go?

My graduate applications--probably like many of yours-- are almost completely submitted by now. I spent the fall traveling around the east coast and filling out the same information on similar looking websites for hours on end. I poured over my personal statement line by line until I could recite it by heart and my girlfriend... Continue Reading →

Evolution 101: People Don’t Look Like Goats

On the lighter side of anthropology...  The Onion takes a satirical look at what outrageously pseudoscientific research into human origins might look like.  Their headline reads: "Anthropologists Trace Human Origins Back To One Large Goat" 'Wait, That Can't Be Right,' Scientists Say" In addition to being funny, the article, by contrast, helps show the strict... Continue Reading →

The AAA Does Away With Science, Seriously

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is a strange organization. I often wonder how it operates, but then I realize I don't even wanna know because there's often no real logic to their madness. Take into consideration these cases: Case 1: About 4 years ago the AAA decided to close access to almost all their journals,... Continue Reading →

Homo floresiensis Walked Out of Africa

Skull of LB1 (Homo floresiensis, or the hobbit) Photo from Science Museum New analysis by a team led by Australian National University doctoral student Debbie Argue showed that Homo floresiensis, nicknamed hobbits, were early hominin and walked out of Africa to Flores. Their findings supports the argument that Homo floresiensis had a unique wrist anatomy... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth XXXVI @ Afarensis

The 36th edition of the Four Stone Hearth anthropology blog carnival is being hosted over at Afarensis, and as ever we are treated to a good and eclectic mix of what's been catching the eyes of various anthro-bloggers this past week or two. Next time round we'll be nipping over to Hot Cup of Joe,... Continue Reading →

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