An Arab in Roman Iron-Age Denmark

Ancient mtDNA from 22 individuals from two sites in Southern Denmark have been isolated, sequenced and analyzed. The two sites are Bøgebjerggård and Skovgaarde. On the map to your right, they are marked as B for Bøgebjerggård and S for Skovgaarde. They date to the Danish Roman Iron-Age period, or approximately 2000 to 1600 years... Continue Reading →

Genetic Relationships of Semitic and Indo-Iranian speaking groups in Iran

If you don't know already, I'm of Iranian decent. I was born in Tehran, but because of persistent socio-political instability in that region of the world, my family and I immigrated out of the country about 20 years ago. But just cause I live somewhere else doesn't mean I'm not interested in my background. I've... Continue Reading →

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