As mentioned yesterday, Jebel Irhoud documents an early African Homo sapiens. The specimen represents mixture of archaic and modern features, such as an elongated braincase compared to the face and teeth, respectively. In a new paper published in Science Advances, researchers Simon Neubauer, Jean-Jacques Hublin and Philipp Gunz used CT scans to create virtual endocasts... Continue Reading →

What is unique about the human arcuate fasciculus… and what does it have to do with language?

Despite the fact that I've seen some really impactful primate related research lately, I've completely neglected updating with it. I can't believe it has been almost three months since I've posted there! I should really resume posting there. Actually, I was considering putting up this following blog post over there, since it has to... Continue Reading →

New York Times Profiles Ralph Holloway

The New York Times is running a profile of Ralph Holloway, a paleoanthropologist that specializes in brain evolution, one of my favorite subtopics in anthropology. The piece is written by Michael Balter, and it overviews his current project research with Homo floresiensis. In a nutshell, Holloway is on the fence about whether or not Homo... Continue Reading →

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