39,000 Year Old Cave Art from Sulawesi, Indonesia

This hand stencil was discovered in one of the caves of the Maros region of the island, Sulawesi in the 1950s. A paper published in Nature now describes the dating of the sediment on top of the stencil, which makes it more than 39,000 years old and now the oldest painting in the world. Adjacent... Continue Reading →

Were Paleolithic European Cave Paintings Made By Neanderthals?

A new paper in the journal Science questions if it were Neanderthals or humans who created the oldest known artworks found in the caves of Europe. The lead author is Alistair W.G. Pike who worked with Joao Zilhao and nine other authors on this study. The authors addressed this question in, "U-Series Dating of Paleolithic Art in 11 Caves... Continue Reading →

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