Tianyuan Man Genome Reveals The Nuances of Asian Prehistory

A new study in Current Biology analyzed the entire genome of the Tianyuan man who was found near Beijing, China and lived around 40,000 years ago. The Tianyuan man's genome marks the earliest ancient DNA from East Asia, but this is not the first time we have studied Tianyuan's genes. In 2013 paper in PNAS,... Continue Reading →

Just What Hominid Species Are the Two 100,000 year-old Lingjing Crania?

Writing in the journal Science, Trinkhaus and crew describe two Late Pleistocene-era 105,000 to 125,000 year-old calvaria from Lingjing, Xuchang, China sharing both human and Neanderthal  features which up to this time was unseen in the hominid fossil record. The brow ridges and skull mass resembled early modern humans of the Old World, the skulls had... Continue Reading →

Oldest Modern Human China Remains From China

National Geographic is running news that Erik Trinkhaus and others have published the findings of the oldest modern human outside of Africa, specifically in China. Not much is given on the locality and specifics of the fossil, but the article does state that the fossil mandible fragment and teeth are 60,000 years older than any... Continue Reading →

56 Family Portraits From East Asia

I haven't bothered to translate this page, but I've stumbled across a collection of 56 family portraits from East Asia that I wanted to share with you. The images give us a quick glimpse of all the different cultures and ethnicities that make up the far East, along with the lat/long of where these people are... Continue Reading →

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