Vindija 33.19’s Genome Shows We Are More Neanderthal Than We Thought

Two new, fascinating papers on Neanderthal genetic introgression and the sequencing of an entire Neanderthal's genome came out this last week. Before these new studies, only one (Altai, Siberia 125ka) of four Neanderthal specimens have had their entire genomes sequenced with sufficient quality to compare to modern humans. This new genome comes from a 52,000... Continue Reading →

The Krapina Neanderthals Used Toothpicks

Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology recently published discovery of multiple toothpick grooves on 130,000 year old Krapina Neanderthal teeth. David Frayer, professor emeritus of Anthropology at University of Kansas, who published the 2015 PLoS ONE study about a set of eagle talons jewelry is one of the study authors. The teeth and all the... Continue Reading →

Krapina Neandertals may have manipulated white-tailed eagle talons to make jewelry 130,000 years ago, before the appearance of modern human in Europe, according to a study published March 11, 2015 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by David Frayer from University of Kansas and colleagues from Croatia.

The Neandertal Draft Genome

Every time big anthropology news has come out in the last year or so, I'm too busy and drowned under the sea of books and notes for my upcoming exams to immerse myself in it. This happened with Ardipithecus last fall, and now with the draft of the Neandertal genome coming out tomorrow, I can't... Continue Reading →

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