Homo floresiensis Walked Out of Africa

Skull of LB1 (Homo floresiensis, or the hobbit) Photo from Science Museum New analysis by a team led by Australian National University doctoral student Debbie Argue showed that Homo floresiensis, nicknamed hobbits, were early hominin and walked out of Africa to Flores. Their findings supports the argument that Homo floresiensis had a unique wrist anatomy... Continue Reading →

Archaeology’s Crucial Role: Providing The ‘Fossil Record’ For Cultural Evolution

Joyce Marcus has published a bold review in the Annual Review of Anthropology where she argues that anthropology must be willing to generalize -- cultures must be compared and contrasted in order identify similarities in the ways cultures have responded to challenges. In other words, relativism has no place in trying to understand the evolutionary... Continue Reading →

Modeling The Egalitarian Revolution

I mentioned the drawn out process of me trying to download this new paper, "Dynamics of Alliance Formation and the Egalitarian Revolution," the other day. I've read it and although I found it to be a difficult and theoretically dense paper, I believe you should also read the open access piece if you have any... Continue Reading →

More on Cultural Evolution

Cultural evolution has been a pretty active and heated topic in the anthropology blogosphere, especially between Martin, afarensis, and I. Afarensis continued the discussion today, returning to this topic but on the projectile point scope. In some sort of weird coincidence, the professional press has also chimed in -- not explicitly on projectile points, but... Continue Reading →

Culture does, in fact, optimize

I've been meaning to blog about the really awesome news that Afarensis first broke on the blogosphere for a couple days now. The news he shared is of an upcoming Journal of Archaeological Science paper authored by R. Lee Lyman, Todd VanPool and Michael O'Brien, all of the University of Missouri Anthropology Department, evaluating the... Continue Reading →

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