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A colleague of mine has developed a new online human fossil record, in the likes of my own database of fossils. The project is and although it is in beta, it has some remarkable features already. I am particularly impressed with the phylogeny plot view, which offers a chronological color coded map of many important... Continue Reading →

Data Portability in Paleoanthropology

I realize what I will be addressing is several months late and not the freshest anthropology news, but with the recent news of Google and Facebook joining the data portability initiative, I think this is a opportune time to have an open discussion about paleoanthropological data and data sharing. You're probably asking yourself, "Google and... Continue Reading →

Hominin Database

I just mentioned that I've been out of the loop. Aside from banging my head against the desk over Aaron Filler's paper, I've also been developing the framework to a database of hominin fossil remains. I'd like to share it with you in this post. I've creatively named the project, Hominin Database. I coulda gone... Continue Reading →

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