Were Homo floresiensis just a population of myxoedematous endemic cretin Homo sapiens?

New research from the Proceedings of the Royal Society B raises the possibility that Homo floresiensis was nothing more than population of Homo sapiens that were endemic cretins. The paper, "Are the small human-like fossils found on Flores human endemic cretins?" comes from academics in Australia who "show that the fossils display many signs of... Continue Reading →

Another study on PCNT’s role in brain development

That new paper on PCNT's role in microcephaly I just covered this afternoon has really sparked my interests. I have done a bit more digging around and came across another very recent paper, published about two weeks ago in Nature Genetics on PCNT's role in inducing Seckel syndrome when it is nonfunctional. From OMIM, Seckel... Continue Reading →

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