Mutatons in VLDLR gene in the Quadrupeds from Turkey

Remember in 2005-06 when there was a whole lot of buzz about the quadrupedal siblings in Turkey? There first was this paper, "Cerebellar hypoplasia and quadrupedal locomotion in humans as a recessive trait mapping to chromosome 17p," and then there was this paper, "A new syndrome with quadrupedal gait, primitive speech, and severe mental retardation... Continue Reading →

Were Homo floresiensis just a population of myxoedematous endemic cretin Homo sapiens?

New research from the Proceedings of the Royal Society B raises the possibility that Homo floresiensis was nothing more than population of Homo sapiens that were endemic cretins. The paper, "Are the small human-like fossils found on Flores human endemic cretins?" comes from academics in Australia who "show that the fossils display many signs of... Continue Reading →

Zimmer & Shubin on Limb Evolution

If you read the overview on limb evolution that I wrote yesterday, I think you maybe interested in watching this 51 minute conversation between Carl Zimmer and Neil Shubin that the Panda's Thumb pointed too.

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