Declines in upper paleolithic European human populations due to less food

Eugène Morin of Trent University has just published this paper in PNAS, "Evidence for declines in human population densities during the early Upper Paleolithic in western Europe." He studied the fluctuations in the zooarchaeological record from the Saint-Césaire site in France. And he found remains of rodents that live in the tundra species which indicate... Continue Reading →

David Strait’s $940k grant to study Australopithecine diet evolution

Recently, Nate Dominy was granted a very generous fellowship to continue his studies on human evolution and diet. David Strait, of the University at Albany, also has been granted a very generous lump of cash to study this same topic. Dominy's scope differs from Strait's in that Dominy takes a molecular approach. Strait will investigate... Continue Reading →

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