The Discovery of Jedek, An Unknown Language Discovered in Southeast Asia

Per Linguistic Society of America’s latest count, there are about 7,000 distinct human languages on Earth, with more becoming extinct everyday. In an effort to preserve as much cultural knowledge of our world's linguistic heritage, there are many efforts to document endangered languages, like DoBES' Tongues of Semang project. The Tongues of Semang project aims to specifically... Continue Reading →

Using Technology to Save Endangered Languages

There are many endangered languages in our collective linguistic radar. Some of them have been covered here before and some haven't. In 2007, Joshua Hinson of Chickasaw heritage, identified that his language was one the brink of extinction. Rather than blaming technology as contributing source to language loss, Hinson embraced the opportunity to use technology to help save his... Continue Reading →

Voice for the Voiceless

Michael Callahan of Ambient Corp. in Champaign, Ill. and the University of Illinois has recently introduced The Audeo, a thought-to-speech interfacing device which acquires and converts neurological signals into vocalizations. The device allows users to communicate with a computer much in the way voice recognition software does. However, instead of encrypting wave patterns detected in... Continue Reading →

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