A study published in Nature today announces the 2011 discovery of Australopithecus deyiremeda a hominid that lived between 3.3 and 3.5 million years ago. The species is represented by a maxilla, mandible and dentition found in the Woranso-Mille area of the Afar region of Ethiopia about 22 miles from the spot where the remains of Australopithecus afarensis were... Continue Reading →

Genetics of Ethiopians

Razib has done rounded up a nice review of Dienekes' Dodecad data to answer some prelim questions on the genetic of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a very interesting cultural and paleontological area of the world. I had the pleasure of being a part of a field group several years ago and had a wonderful time. A... Continue Reading →

The Galili Femur

It has been a while since I blogged anything on paleoanthropology. But once I saw John Hawks' post where he pointed out Elizabeth Culotta's news piece in the latest Science on a new hominin femur from Galili, Ethiopia, I was excited. The femur was presented by Bence Viola to the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, which... Continue Reading →

Current State of Paleoanthropology in Ethiopia

If you haven't checked out John Hawks' overview of the synopsis Elizabeth Pennisi wrote on the current state of paleoanthropological research and infrastructure in Ethiopia, I do advise you to check it out. Actually, if you have access to Science, why don't you just hop onto the original news focus, "Rocking the Cradle of Humanity"... Continue Reading →

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