Engare Sero in Northern Tanzania Yield Largest Collection of Prehistoric Human Footprints in Africa

This volcano in East Africa, called Ol Doinyo Lengai, erupted long ago and produced a mudflow that preserved the biggest collection of ancient human footprints (some shown in the foreground) found in Africa so far. Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce Just south of Lake Natron, in northern Tanzania is the Engare Sero site which was was originally discovered... Continue Reading →

80,000 Year Old Le Rozel footprints in Normandy Represent Neanderthal Social Structure

Since 2012, Jeremy Duveau of France's National Museum of Natural History and his colleagues have been excavating the Le Rozel site in Normandy. They have diligently unearthed a total of 257 Neanderthal footprints, along with eight handprints, from a layer of fine, dark sand deposited approximately 80,000 years ago. They published their work in PNAS.... Continue Reading →

A Refined Ar/Ar Date For The ‘Devil’s Footprints’ From The Roccamonfina Volcano In Italy

I remember reading a short announcement in 2003 about the discovery of 385,000–325,000 years old human-like footprints near the Roccamonfina volcanoes in southern Italy. We haven't found many paleo-footprints, so any discovery is welcomed with excitement and of course with controversy. Some of the most notable paleo-footprints are the 3.5 million year old prints from... Continue Reading →

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