Guy Gugliotta’s Review of Modern Human Evolution in the Smithsonian

I caught this Smithsonian review of the evolution of modern humans from Peter Frost's blog post last night. I got some time to read the piece on the bus this morning, and wanted to briefly share my thoughts of it with you. The piece is written by science writer Guy Gugliotta, he has covered other... Continue Reading →

New Radiochronological Dates for Sahelanthropus tchadensis and Australopithecus bahrelghazali

Whoever manages the PNAS web servers should thank Afarensis because he found that paper prior to the March 4th date I threatened to bring down their site on. He's written up an educational overview of the findings, so has Jason of Hominin Dental Anthropology. I eluted to the significance of this study earlier, but I'll... Continue Reading →

Hominin Database

I just mentioned that I've been out of the loop. Aside from banging my head against the desk over Aaron Filler's paper, I've also been developing the framework to a database of hominin fossil remains. I'd like to share it with you in this post. I've creatively named the project, Hominin Database. I coulda gone... Continue Reading →

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