Penghu 1 is a mandible with an interesting discovery; Taiwanese fishermen dredged up the jawbone off the coast of Penghu Channel. The fishermen sold it to a local antique shop, where collector Kun-Yu Tsai purchased and donated it to his collection to the National Museum of Natural Science in Taiwan. Tentative dates on this specimen... Continue Reading →

Can I See Your Fingers Please?

That is what University of Liverpool's Emma Nelson probably would have said if she were to meet our hominan ancestors in person. Known to hold true in anthropoids (humans, apes and monkeys), the index (second digit) to ring (fourth digit) fingers ratio or 2D:4D is an indication of how much an individual were exposed to... Continue Reading →

Introducing Nakalipithecus nakayamai

I'm really behind on the anthropology news. There is just too much news floating around, and I feel like I don't have enough time to catch up with it all. From studies on tool wielding chimps, chocolate brewing, a 4,000 year old temple in Peru, to how prehistoric Vinca women dressed in Europe, and yes...... Continue Reading →

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