Did early hominins shuffle before they walked upright?

I don't know how I missed this paper, "Stand and shuffle: When does it make energetic sense?" It was published last month in the Journal of Physical Anthropology. I'm sharing it with you now because the bipedalism is heavily studied in anthropology. Bipedal locomotion is perhaps one of only traits that is predominately 'human.' The... Continue Reading →

According to Yoel Rak, Neandertals were ‘big mouth Bass’ variants of humans

A summary of Yoel Rak's talk at the last month meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society in Vancouver, Canada has surfaced in a National Geographic news article from several days ago. Yoel Rak and William Hylander analyzed the anatomy of the Neandertal face and inferred what that coulda meant as far as Neandertal dietary behavior. Did... Continue Reading →

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