Check Out the Pritchard Lab’s Human Genome Diversity Project Selection Browser

The Pritchard lab has put up an awesome new interface to query the data from the Human Genome Diversity Project, the HDGP Selection Browser. This is browser is phenomenal. You may have known about a previous iteration, Haplotter, also made by the Pritchard lab, which isn't too user friendly and restricted to only data from... Continue Reading →

The mtDNA Genetic Diversity Of 19 Individuals From Yíng Zhèng’s Terra Cotta Army Mausoleum

We know that during the Sui dynasty, the Chinese empire had European residents. But what can be said about the diversity of China during a preceding dynasty, such as Qin Shi Huang's empire -- the Qin dynasty of China? A team of Chinese academics have analyzed the mtDNA of 19 individuals excavated from a nearby... Continue Reading →

Missing Pieces to the Human Genome Project

Scientific American has a news piece explaining the implications of one of the new studies on the human genome that I reported on last week. In a nutshell, the news piece explains how the identification of 250 new regions throughout the genome impacts the current human reference genome... raising concerns that reference genome may be... Continue Reading →

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