Attending “Humanity’s Genes and the Human Condition” Symposium

I'm on my way to this symposium, "Humanity's Genes and the Human Condition," at UC Berkeley. It should be a day of interesting and relevant talks, especially since the American Society of Human Genetics had their annual meeting this week, and lots of discussions were held about genetic ancestry testing. I'm looking forward to hearing... Continue Reading →

Pardis Sabeti’s thoughts on the Future of Genomics

In this 3 minute 44 second video, Pardis Sabeti discusses the future of genomics, i.e. how sequencing will become so cheap that personal genome sequencing will be ubiquitous. She also talks about the impact of sequence information on medical and human variation research as well as the necessary ethical precautions we need to take with... Continue Reading →

Missing Pieces to the Human Genome Project

Scientific American has a news piece explaining the implications of one of the new studies on the human genome that I reported on last week. In a nutshell, the news piece explains how the identification of 250 new regions throughout the genome impacts the current human reference genome... raising concerns that reference genome may be... Continue Reading →

My visit to the Joint Genome Institute

If you're a regular reader of this site, there are some times when my university doesn't come through for me, such as its reluctance to subscribe to Nature and Science. But there are other times when my university really shines, such as on Friday afternoon, when I visited the Joint Genome Institute's Production Genomics Facility... Continue Reading →

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