The Age of Omo I and Omo II from the Kibish Formation, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Two articles in the Journal of Human Evolution reanalyze the geochronology of the Kibish Formation, in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. One is titled, "Microstratigraphy of the Kibish hominin sites KHS and PHS, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia," and the other is titled, "Sapropels and the age of hominins Omo I and II, Kibish, Ethiopia." Excavations of... Continue Reading →

A new archaic Homo sapiens specimen from Lake Eyasi, Tanzania

The Journal of Human Evolution has released a new article in press announcing the discovery of a new archaic Homo sapiens specimen from Lake Eyasi, Tanzania. It is a rather modest paper, with no real ulterior motive underwritten... which I've come to appreciate. In the paper, the authors describe the geochronology and the morphology of... Continue Reading →

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