The Genius of Kinship: Human Kinship Systems and the Search for Human Origins

Thank you, Kambiz, for letting me introduce my new book to the community. The story behind The Genius of Kinship is an interesting one. In 1991, then a student of history at the St. Petersburg State University, I wrote a course paper on the traditional social organization of the Shoshone Indians as could be... Continue Reading →

Introducing a new guest blogger, German Dziebel, author of “The Genius of Kinship”

I recently got an email from German Dziebel letting me know that he's recently published his book titled, "The Genius of Kinship," in English. The book explains American Indian kinship systems, and synthesizes ethnographic, linguistic and population genetic lines of evidence to discuss kinship organization. I do not yet have a copy of the book... Continue Reading →

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