The Cardiac Health of the Tsimane

A lot of discussion is constantly had about what is the healthiest diet; low fat or low carb. An interesting study was published in the Lancet recently where anthropologists teamed with cardiologists to study cardiac health of Amazon's Tsimane. The Tsimane are Bolivian. They live off and around the Maniqui River located in the Amazon... Continue Reading →

What Should Human Evolution Be?

Two days ago, Matt Ridley published a rhetorical editorial in the Wall Street Journal's column Mind & Matter. Ridley addresses the decline in incidence of inheritable diseases, overcoming infertility with in vitro fertilization (IVF), and other topics such as the impact of culture and brain expansion. The piece has gained a lot of attention in social media... Continue Reading →

Dopamine & Anticipating Rewards

I am now two-thirds done with my psychiatry rotation. It has been a fascinating experience so far. I've seen the gamut of psychiatric cases, depressed people who cut their necks through and through, to florid schizophrenics worried that the Hiroshima bomb will go off any moment. The treatment of psychiatric conditions like depression or schizophrenia often... Continue Reading →

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