A possible Homo erectus jaw from Sicevo Gorge, Serbia

John Hawks just pointed out a press release announcing a new hominid from Serbia. The site is a cave in the Sicevo Gorge. The site is dated to the Middle Pleistocene, or around 130,000 to 250,000 years old. The press release doesn't provide a definitive dating technique, just saying that the, "The [remains were] found... Continue Reading →

An upcoming study on Homo floresiensis says they are a separate species

Another PNAS study to share with y'all, this time I caught the announcement via ScienceNOW. ScienceNOW says the paper is out today, but I can't find it. Go figure. So all I got to run with is this news report. The authors of this paper are Adam Gordon, Lisa Nevell, and Bernard Wood. They compared... Continue Reading →

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