Are YOU a Neandertal?

In 2010 the draft genome for Neandertals was released by Svante Pääbo and colleagues. It was reported that European and Asian populations are between 1-4% Neandertal—but what percentage Neandertal are you? The company known as 23andMe recently released an analysis that claims to answer precisely this question. While personal genome sequencing has not yet hit... Continue Reading →

Are Rapidly Evolving Human Promoter Regions Due To Higher Rates Of Neutral Substitution Or Positive Selection?

Nature Genetics just published a brief correspondence on the evolution of promoter regions in the human genome. The basis of this study relies on the observation that 46% of promoter regions in the human genome have a higher number of nucleotide substitutions than corresponding introns. The authors don't make the distinction that positive selection, relaxed... Continue Reading →

Missing Pieces to the Human Genome Project

Scientific American has a news piece explaining the implications of one of the new studies on the human genome that I reported on last week. In a nutshell, the news piece explains how the identification of 250 new regions throughout the genome impacts the current human reference genome... raising concerns that reference genome may be... Continue Reading →

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