Bronze Age Trade Routes between Iran & Mesopotamia

Where did the black diorite and gabbro stone that ancient Mesopotamian statues come from? They aren't found in Iraq and northeastern Syria. A team of researchers from the University of Tübingen’s Resource Cultures collaborative research centre has teamed up with the Iranian Centre of Archaeological Research (ICAR) to help answer this question. They have announced... Continue Reading →

#IranElection … This Is It. The Big One.

In regards to my previous post from yesterday, I'd like to quickly share this quote I've found from Clay Shirky, a Interactive Telecommunications teacher at NYU. He spoke to TED last year on Facebook, Twitter, and the like, and he was recently asked to comment about the usage of these tools in Iran. Here's what... Continue Reading →

The Revolution Will Be Twittered

I remember taking an ethnography class as an undergrad about the social, cultural, and political revolutions that happened in the Soviet block in the 80's and 90's. We discussed topics like how news was disseminated and how there was a massive identity shift. It seems as if this weekend, I saw something similar but not... Continue Reading →

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