News on South Africa’s Hominins: Berger’s Rising Star Expedition

This November, a team funded by National Geographic and led by Lee Berger of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg made a huge find. 1200 hominin skeletal elements were recovered from a South African cave, representing at least 12 individuals. Human remains are pretty rare, and this one site contains more human fossil material than... Continue Reading →

Australopithecus sediba (UW88-50) of Malapa, South Africa

Lee Berger's son, Matthew, found the ~1.9 million year old hominin remains of female adult and a juvenile male in cave deposits at Malapa, South Africa. The remains have been analyzed and been published in Science today, and so far this finding is the big fossil hominid of 2010. The skull of the juvenile is the... Continue Reading →

Berger Can’t Get A Break

It has been almost two years since Lee Berger and I shared a few words on about his small people of Palau. Since then, a TKO paper, published in the summer of 2008, basically thwarting Berger's claims. Thankfully, we haven't heard much of his sensationalist research since... But his documentary is still floating around. It recently... Continue Reading →

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