Breaking Down Sranan Tongo To Understand Linguistic & Cultural Heritage

Creole languages are unique. They are a hodgepodge of languages which arise in situations where people exist without a shared common language. People end up using bits of different languages. Over generations, these admixed languages become fully fledged natural human languages, known as creoles. AndrĂ© Sherriah and Hubert Devonish, two linguists at the University of... Continue Reading →

Introducing Alex Greengaard

So you probably just saw the new post, the one announcing an upcoming linguistic conference on a possible link between the Yeniseic and Na-Dene language families. Well, I, Kambiz Kamrani, did not publish that post. It was actually authored by Alex Greengaard, who's a new blogger here at Usually, I introduce new contributors to... Continue Reading →

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