Did Lucy Fall From A Tree And Die?

Four decades after the discovery of Lucy, her remains are quite possibly the most famous discovery in paleoanthropology and one of the more important. The impact of finding a nearly entire skeleton from a 3.2 million year old hominid revealed a lot about human evolution. We've learned a lot from Lucy, from biophysics to the... Continue Reading →

Well this is kind of embarrassing but inconsequential... Gary Sawyer and Mike Smith at the AMNH began a reconstruction of Lucy with help from Scott Williams from NYU and noticed that one of the vertebra fragments is smaller than the other! A comparative study to other animal's vertebrae show that it more closely resembles a baboon's vertebrae.  This... Continue Reading →

The Arched Metatarsal of Australopithecus afarensis

Carol Ward1, William Kimbel, and Donald Johanson have published a paper in Science on the arch seen in a newly discovered fourth metatarsal of Australopithecus afarensis (AL 333-160). A lot of the popular press are publishing misleading headlines that this proves bipedalism in australopithecines. No, we've known they were bipedal -- we just didn't have... Continue Reading →

I Love Lucy

Major kudos goes out to Simon of HENRY, who found this awesome shirt: Even though that ain't Lucy's skull -- she wasn't found with a complete one... I still want one on these shirts! Actually, I drew this skull in 2006!

Donald Johanson pays Lucy a visit

I've read this summary of Donald Johanson's visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see Lucy, the 3 million year old australopithecine 'he found' about 33 years ago. Lucy is also known as AL 288-1 or Dinkenesh, in Amharic, which means “You are beautiful.” The fossils are on a very controversial tour to... Continue Reading →

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