The Cardiac Health of the Tsimane

A lot of discussion is constantly had about what is the healthiest diet; low fat or low carb. An interesting study was published in the Lancet recently where anthropologists teamed with cardiologists to study cardiac health of Amazon's Tsimane. The Tsimane are Bolivian. They live off and around the Maniqui River located in the Amazon... Continue Reading →

Neanderthals Used Penicillin and Aspirin To Treat Ailments

Laura Weyrich, a paleomicrobiologist at the University of Adelaide in Australia, and colleagues cleaned off the hardened plaque from the teeth of five Neanderthals found in Belgium and Spain and one from Italy. The samples are dated from 42,000 to 50,000 years ago. They popped off bits of ancient dental plaque, then sequenced the DNA... Continue Reading →

In two papers published in the South African Journal of Science, researchers say they've found the oldest definitive evidence of malignancy in a hominid. Prior to this discovery, the oldest known hominin tumor was found in the rib of a Neanderthal dating back to around 120,000 years ago.

Thank Your Neandertals & Denisovans For Your Allergies

Two new papers in the American Journal of Human Genetics document how we should thank archaic humans like Neandertals and Denisovans for our allergies and boosted immune systems. Both studies highlight the functional importance of three inherited of Toll-like receptor genes; TLR1, TLR6, and TLR10. These toll like receptors respond to antigens from bacteria, fungi, and parasites and... Continue Reading →

Redheads Can’t Handle The Pain

Kambiz here. I'm about to start my second term of medical school, which is both exciting and nerve racking. In my summer readings, I came across a medical and anthropological tidbit today that caught my attention: redheads have a lower tolerance for pain. I didn't know that.  Did you? Skin pigmentation is one of my favorite topics. We know... Continue Reading →

Oldest Evidence Of Leprosy Found In India

I've successfully completed my first term of medical school, and realized I have a lot of free time so I've decided to pick up blogging during my short summer break in order to prevent brain rot. Today, I noticed an interesting anthropology-medicine news bit pass by my RSS reader and wanted to share it with... Continue Reading →

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