Horse-riding Huns & Mongols Spread Hepatitis B, Plague into the Western Eurasia and Replaced Scythians

A very cool series of three studies were published several days ago in Science and Nature that I just have to share. The punchline is ultimately how ancient DNA helps us understand how the horsemen Huns & Mongols of Eurasia supplanted sedentary Indo-European with Hepatitis B and other communicable diseases. Books like the Horse, Wheel... Continue Reading →

The Convergence of Ecology & Selection for the Domestication of the Horse

Two new recent studies have been published which attempt to pinpoint the how and why of prehistoric horse domestication in the Eurasian Steppe. We have a rough ideas that the domestication of the horse began about 5,500 years ago, where Central Asian peoples caught and kept horses for meat and milk. Riding horses came a couple... Continue Reading →

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