Neanderthal Got By With a Little Help from Friends

Shanidar 1 is a 50,000 years Neandertal which was discovered in by Ralph Solecki in 1957 during excavations at Shanidar Cave in Iraqi Kurdistan. Shanidar 1 had a rough life. Prior studies noted multiple injuries to Shanidar 1; such as a sustained a serious blow to the side of the face, fractures and the eventual... Continue Reading →

A Nose In The Air: The Influence of Climate & Nose Morphology

British anthropologist Arthur Thomson, in the late 1800's published his observations on nose size and shape. He noted that humans from humid, warm climates have wider, shorter noses than humans from colder, dryer climates who have more narrow, longer noses. He carried on his observation postulating that the shape of the nose was influenced by the... Continue Reading →

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