Episode 1: A ScreenCast Tutorial On How-To Do A Multiple Sequence Alignment & Draw A Phylogenetic Tree Using Swami

The last time I did a little tutorial on how to use bioinformatic tools in anthropological research was last October. I've had some ideas since then and have decided to restart this project. The biggest change is the screencast format, rather than a set of static instructions. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the... Continue Reading →

Improving Multiple Sequence Alignments with a Phylogeny-Aware Algorithm

Ari Löytynoja and Nick Goldman have developed a new method that detects and distinguishes insertions and deletions in genomes. Their work was published in the most recent issue of Science. While Löytynoja and Goldman didn't explicitly write how their new algorithim, described in, "Phylogeny-Aware Gap Placement Prevents Errors in Sequence Alignment and Evolutionary Analysis," impacts... Continue Reading →

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