A Nose In The Air: The Influence of Climate & Nose Morphology

British anthropologist Arthur Thomson, in the late 1800's published his observations on nose size and shape. He noted that humans from humid, warm climates have wider, shorter noses than humans from colder, dryer climates who have more narrow, longer noses. He carried on his observation postulating that the shape of the nose was influenced by the... Continue Reading →

The Role Of Endorphins In Long Distance Human Endurance & Evolution

One of the unique physical attributes of humans is the ability to travel for long distances. Special populations outline this ability, such as the high landers of Kenya and Ethiopia, who can out run about 90% of the rest of the humanity. This observation has lead many a discussion over the role nature versus nurture of... Continue Reading →

I Believe in Evolution

Do you believe in evolution?  Forty percent of Americans don't (more on that later).  A student asked me this question on day one of the first introductory anthropology class I ever taught.  I believe that any difficult-to-answer question is a good one, and this one baffled me with its simplicity. Short answer: yes, I believe... Continue Reading →

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