Public Access to Publicly Funded Research – Be Heard at the White House

I'm cross-posting this from everyone, the community blog of PLoS ONE, who are asking all those with an interest to involve themselves in this initiative from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, (OSTP), who state the following: Yesterday we announced the launch of the Public Access Forum, sponsored by the White House... Continue Reading →

Open Access – ‘Learning to Share’

  The Times Higher Education supplement, as mentioned by PLoS, has an interesting and informative article on the current state of play regarding open access, peer review, copyright and  funding, amongst other items for consideration. As will be apparent, there are deep divides between the publishing companies, universities, academics and libraries as to what degree... Continue Reading →

When Open Access Fails

I'm fairly busy as of late and so I regularly set aside some weekend reading, such as Sergey Gavrilets' new paper on investigating the impact of egalitarianism on human evolution during the Pleistocene. The paper was published the other day in the open access journal PLoS One. Yesterday, I bookmarked the paper's DOI (10.1371/journal.pone.0003293), in... Continue Reading →

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