Announcing FOROST, A Forensic Osteology Metabase

As you may have noticed, I've taken a bit of a blogging hiatus. I have actually taken the time off to write some software in Python that I hope to release soon... a project that you may have seen in previous iterations. Speaking of some software, I have do have some less cryptic news to... Continue Reading →

Erik Trinkhaus, Tianyuan 1 and Sunghir 1, and the Earliest ‘Evidence’ of Footwear

Erik Trinkhaus published a study, along with Hong Shang, in the July issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science on what they consider the earliest evidence of footwear of modern humans. The paper is titled, "Anatomical evidence for the antiquity of human footwear: Tianyuan and Sunghir." They compared and contrasted the morphology of a couple... Continue Reading →

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