Ancient Leishmaniasis From Coyo Oriente Cemetery In Chile

I recently completed a medical parasitology course as part of my medical education. One of the diseases we discussed was leishmaniasis. Leishmaniasis is a zoonotic disease that is transferred to humans from reservoir hosts via the sand fly vector. The sand fly injects the promastigote form of the parasite, and the parasite invades white blood... Continue Reading →

1,000 year old Lice on Peruvian Mummies tell us of early human migrations

John Hawks shared an interesting news bit the other day. The study basically sampled head lice off of 1,000 year old Peruvian mummies and with some sequence variation comparisons to other lice, the authors were able conclude that lice have been with humans ever since they migrated out of Africa. I've tracked down the original... Continue Reading →

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