The One Root of All Australia’s Indigenous Languages

The linguistic journal Diachronica published a study by Mark Harvey of University of Newcastle and Robert Mailhammer from Western Sydney University.  Their paper addresses the linguistic diversity of Australian languages. Around the time of British settlement in 1788, there were over 200 languages spoken on the continent. That number has dwindled to an estimated 120 indigenous languages still existing, ... Continue Reading →

First Australians Arrived 65,000 years ago at Madjedbebe

We have covered the ongoing discussion of the peopling of Australia, or Sahul rather, since 2008, based upon both archaeological and genetic information, of which a hallmark 2016 genomic study of 400 Papua New Guineans suggested that modern Homo sapiens may have arrived in the region as late as 120,000 years ago. This groundbreaking study contrasted many old-school population scientists and... Continue Reading →

The Oldest Humans, Aboriginal Australians

A genetic and cultural analysis, published in Nature, of 83 Aboriginal Australians and 25 Papuans from New Guinea suggests there was just one wave of humans out of Africa, 72,000 years ago. These these early migrants gave rise to all contemporary non-Africans, including indigenous Australians and Papuans. This group descended directly from the first people to... Continue Reading →

Peopling of Australia:’Reconstructing Indian-Australian Phylogenetic Link’ Satish Kumar et al

Although this is described as a provisional paper, and therefore subject to alteration before official publication, it's published in full as a provisional pdf, in which it is proposed that the genetic footprints of Australia's first inhabitants, estimated to have arrived around 45,000 years BP, can be detected in modern-day Indian populations. The main points... Continue Reading →

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