Dravidian & Korku People Of India Maybe Descendants Of Middle/Early Upper Paleolithic Settlers

The mitochondrial macrohaplogroup M is a descendant of the macrohaplogroup L3, a really old East African haplogroup thought to have originated around 104,000 years ago. Sun et al., explained that within haplogroup M, lie many smaller haplogroups of which the M2 lineage is thought to be the oldest mitochondrial lineage in India. You can check... Continue Reading →

Two new studies on exploring methods to study the structure of the human genome

Two similar papers published the latest issues of Nature and Genome Research do high-resolution analyses of the structure of the human genome. They differ in methodology, but have some cool conclusions. The Nature paper, "Mapping and sequencing of structural variation from eight human genomes," created libraries of 4 African, 2 Asian, and 2 European genomes.... Continue Reading →

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