Engare Sero in Northern Tanzania Yield Largest Collection of Prehistoric Human Footprints in Africa

This volcano in East Africa, called Ol Doinyo Lengai, erupted long ago and produced a mudflow that preserved the biggest collection of ancient human footprints (some shown in the foreground) found in Africa so far. Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce Just south of Lake Natron, in northern Tanzania is the Engare Sero site which was was originally discovered... Continue Reading →

Just What Hominid Species Are the Two 100,000 year-old Lingjing Crania?

Writing in the journal Science, Trinkhaus and crew describe two Late Pleistocene-era 105,000 to 125,000 year-old calvaria from Lingjing, Xuchang, China sharing both human and Neanderthal  features which up to this time was unseen in the hominid fossil record. The brow ridges and skull mass resembled early modern humans of the Old World, the skulls had... Continue Reading →

125,000 Year Old Hand Axes From Jebel Faya, UAE

Hans-Peter Uerpmann of the University of Tubingen has lead a team excavating the Jebel Faya site in the United Arab Emirates, right near the Straits of Hormuz. They've found 125,000 year old stone tools that look like early modern human tools from East Africa around the same time. They've published their findings in today's Science,... Continue Reading →

More on Vajda’s Siberian-Na-Dene Language Link

National Geographic News has just published an article about the recent symposium in Alaska regarding a possible connection between Yeniseic languages in Siberia and Na-Dene languages in the Americas. John Roach's article, Siberian, Native American Languages Linked -- A First, highlights the recent work of Edward Vajda, who defended his connection during the February symposium.... Continue Reading →

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