Oldest Known Pottery Found In Yuchanyan Cave, Hunan, China

I've admitted that cultural anthropology rarely gets its fair share on this blog, but I must also confess I don't spread the love with archaeological news. Hopefully you'll forgive me a bit today, because thanks to Luis, there's news of the discovery of the oldest known pottery  -- 17,500-18,300 years old from the Yuchanyan Cave... Continue Reading →

The Kiffian & Tenerean Occupation Of Gobero, Niger: Perhaps The Largest Collection Of Early-Mid Holocene People In Africa

In late May, Paul Sereno was in town to talk at the 2008 conference titled, 'Integrating Evolution, Development, & Genomics.' He was invited to also give a talk titled, "Living Lakeside in the Sahara: A Chronicle of Holocene Adaptation," to the Primate Biology Group. I eagerly attended. Paul Sereno, if you don't know, is primarily... Continue Reading →

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