The New York Times published a Sunday Review that I think you all will find a balanced opinion on genetics and race.

Adam Rutherford’s A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

If you have been following this blog along with others, like GNXP, you can tell that the field of ancient DNA and population genetics is chaotic. It seems like every week we are adding more layers of genetic data in attempt to uncover the relentless and complex pattern on how we peopled the Earth. A... Continue Reading →

Race Is A Social Construct

One of our all time most popular posts here on is a 2008 blog post, "Race as a Social Construct." Yesterday the journal Science published an open access paper that stated race should be phased out of current studies on human genetic diversity. Modern genetics research operate in a paradox, which that race is... Continue Reading →

National Human Genome Research Institute Debates Race

One of the pieces to appear in the latest Science is Constance Holden's synopsis of the core issues discussed at last week's meeting of the National Human Genome Research Institute: defining geographic populations, handling interpretations of race (especially as as a sociopolitical term), and phrasing results of population genetic studies. I paid cursory attention to... Continue Reading →

Race As A Social Construct

As Ruth Frankenberg in her book The Social Construction of Whiteness: White Women, Race Matters argues, our daily lives are affected by race whether we are aware of it or not. We all see the world through a racial lens that colors our world black, white, Asian, Mexican, minority, or "other". How we are seen... Continue Reading →

Mark Stoneking’s Four Models Of Human Origins

Mark Stoneking is a population geneticist at the Max Planck anthropology powerhouse. He uses genetics to study the origin, relationships, structure and migration patterns of human populations. He's written up a review of the origins of humans in the journal EMBO Reports under the title, "Human origins. The molecular perspective." I've tried to get access... Continue Reading →

The Concept of Race

Introduction Before I dive into the concept of race, I just want to thank Kambiz for this opportunity to broaden not only my perspectives but everyone else’s as well. I am very excited to discuss subjects that interest me and make people think critically about culture and society. I am looking forward to this personal... Continue Reading →

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