Interpreting Paleolithic Funerary Rites from Broken Ochred Pebbles

Claudine Gravel-Miguel, archaeology doctoral student at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, research has taken her to the Caverna delle Arene Candide in Italy. In the 1940's this cave was discovered. 20 individuals were buried there. The site is about 11,000 - 13,000 years old. For decades, as excavations progressed,... Continue Reading →

The Caloric Disappointment Of Cannibalism

Cannibalism is not uncommon; almost every documented culture has done it. In the cave dwellings of Homo antecessor, the common ancestor of modern humans and Neanderthals, anthropologists have discovered defleshed, processed human bones dating back 600,000 years ago. And there's even evidence that is has been done as recently as documented ‘ritualised cannibal feasts’ among soldiers... Continue Reading →

A study published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology has for the first time analysed the fragments of three individuals found between '67 and '80 at the French site, Marillac, dating back 57,600 years ago. These are an incomplete diaphysis of a right radius, another of a left fibula and the majority of a right... Continue Reading →

Cross Cultural Burial Rituals

I stumbled upon this list of 10 'extraordinary' burial ceremonies that I want to pass onto you. Since we're a anthropology focused community, it is very possible that you've heard of most of these rituals. I knew of several of them, but learned some new things as well. The following are ones I found particularly... Continue Reading →

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