Why Can’t Humans Produce Neu5Gc?

Ajit Varki from University of California, San Diego believes to have found out what it means to be human. He's been investigating a molecule called Neu5Gc, a variant of sialic acid, and his progress has been summarized in this news article. Neu5Gc functions as a marker or tag which identifies cells and helps them stick... Continue Reading →

Culture does, in fact, optimize

I've been meaning to blog about the really awesome news that Afarensis first broke on the blogosphere for a couple days now. The news he shared is of an upcoming Journal of Archaeological Science paper authored by R. Lee Lyman, Todd VanPool and Michael O'Brien, all of the University of Missouri Anthropology Department, evaluating the... Continue Reading →

Blood Type O is more resistant to Malaria

Both P-ter of Gene Expression and John Hawks have covered the new publication on blood type O and malaria resistance. This is a very well studied marker and very important to human evolution because it has been a major selective force on the human population.  I even isolated my own blood type alleles recently and I'm happy to confirm that I'm... Continue Reading →

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