Neanderthal Got By With a Little Help from Friends

Shanidar 1 is a 50,000 years Neandertal which was discovered in by Ralph Solecki in 1957 during excavations at Shanidar Cave in Iraqi Kurdistan. Shanidar 1 had a rough life. Prior studies noted multiple injuries to Shanidar 1; such as a sustained a serious blow to the side of the face, fractures and the eventual... Continue Reading →

Shanidar III – A Neandertal who ate his veggies… Or at least chewed them

Last month's annual meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society hosted a talk by Amanda Henry, a graduate student at George Washington University. She analyzed the microfossils of plant material found in the dental plaque on Neandertal teeth from Shanidar, Iraq. What is dental plaque? Much to the chargin of dentists out there, the composition and origin... Continue Reading →

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