More on Vajda’s Siberian-Na-Dene Language Link

National Geographic News has just published an article about the recent symposium in Alaska regarding a possible connection between Yeniseic languages in Siberia and Na-Dene languages in the Americas. John Roach's article, Siberian, Native American Languages Linked -- A First, highlights the recent work of Edward Vajda, who defended his connection during the February symposium.... Continue Reading →

The Siberian Origin of Na-Dene Languages

Following up on recent discussion of the peopling of the Americas, The University of Alaska at Fairbanks is hosting a conference about the possible link between Siberian (Yeniseic) and Na-Dene language families. The conference, titled Dene-Yeniseic Symposium, will be held on February 26, 27 and 29, 2008, and will feature a lecture from Edward Vajda,... Continue Reading →

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