Breaking News: The Most Intact Homo erectus Female Pelvis

The upcoming issue of Science will be publishing the announcement of a newly discovered 1.2 million-year-old female Homo erectus pelvis. The fossil was found in 2001 at the Gona Study Area in the Afar region Ethiopia. Excavations were completed in 2003. Sileshi Semaw, the leader of the Gona Project, said that the birth canal of... Continue Reading →

Current State of Paleoanthropology in Ethiopia

If you haven't checked out John Hawks' overview of the synopsis Elizabeth Pennisi wrote on the current state of paleoanthropological research and infrastructure in Ethiopia, I do advise you to check it out. Actually, if you have access to Science, why don't you just hop onto the original news focus, "Rocking the Cradle of Humanity"... Continue Reading →

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