4,000-year-old frozen hair mtDNA sequenced from a Greenlandic Saqqaq settlement. Pt. II

A bit belatedly due to my relocation to Boston, I'd like to contribute a few observations regarding the phylogenetic position of the mtDNA sequence uncovered from a 4,000 year-old lump of hair in Greenland. Kambiz has already reviewed this Science article, hence the readers should have a good idea of what it took to obtain... Continue Reading →

4,000-year-old frozen hair mtDNA sequenced from a Greenlandic Saqqaq settlement

A couple days ago Science published a peopling of the Americas paper. The paper is based on ancient mtDNA analysis of hair from a site in Greenland called, Saqqaq, also known as Qeqertasussuk, Disko Bay. The authors were able to identify a unique haplogroup, not shared by other Native Americans, which suggests that a different... Continue Reading →

Red-haired Neandertals

Razib beat me the the punch on the new news that some Neandertals had red hair. He's managed to write a very thorough and informative post over at Gene Expression. Check it out. Paul Rincon, a reporter for the BBC also has news of this, here. This is a very curious finding and the entire... Continue Reading →

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