Correlating genetic and morphological evidence to pinpoint a divergence time for Neandertals and modern Humans

A couple days ago, I introduced a new paper by Weaver et al. which continues investigating the effect of genetic drift in modern human vs. Neandertal craniofacial differences. I didn't have access to the paper then, but now I do and I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas of it with you. The premise... Continue Reading →

Weaver, Roseman and Stringer back at it with Neandertals, Natural Selection and a time of divergence

Today's early issue of PNAS includes a paper by Tim Weaver, Charles Roseman and Chris Stringer who revisit the chance or natural selection issue in regards to Neandertal and modern human speciation. You may remember they published a paper in August of 2007, in which they basically concluded that natural selection really didn't have anything... Continue Reading →

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