5,700 Year Old Chewing Gum Reveals Insights On Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Life in Denmark

Theis Jensen, a bioarchaeologist at the University of Copenhagen, and colleagues, published a report in Nature Communications about a the finding of a South Danish Neolithic woman’s complete genome and oral microbiome from a piece of birch tar she chewed. This isn't the first time this was line of evidence was used, nor the oldest,... Continue Reading →

Rice Domestication and the Origins of Agriculture

A new Nature study will report on the earliest known evidence of rice paddies in China. We're talking almost 8,000 years ago. Cheng Zong of Durham University lead the excavation at the Kuahuqiao site in the Zhejiang province. After analyzing sediments of ancient swamp beds at the site the team found signs that the dirt... Continue Reading →

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